Santo Di Nuovo is full professor of Psychology at the University of Catania, Italy, Director of the Department of Education at the University of Catania, and President of Italian Psychological Association. His research activity is focused on methodological aspects and psychometrics applied to different areas of psychology.

As associated with the SPR, Society for Research in Psychotherapy, he has coordinated projects on the evaluation of psychotherapy, with particular reference to assessment techniques and data analysis. He has translated and adapted for Italy the R. Elliott's Change Interview, and more recently, the Olson’s FACES-IV with colleagues of Roma “Sapienza” University and the Morey's Personality Assessment Inventory, in a team including the Universities of Padua, Turin, Perugia, Chieti and Catania. Now he is working in translating and adapting the Hope State and Trait Scale with Anthony Scioli of the Boston Keen State College.

In the field of cognitive neuroscience, he cooperates with the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, University of Plymouth (UK), the Hallam University at Sheffield (UK), and other Italian and foreign research institutions, with main applications in assistive robotics and sport psychology.

Member of the Scientific Committee of numerous scientific Journals, coeditor of Life Span ad Disability, and editorial director of Series in Psychology.

Member of the Scientific Committee of various inter-university and inter-department research centers. He obtained the following prizes: International Prize 'William James' (2011), Prize 'Sancte De Sanctis' (2015) for the book Prigionieri delle neuroscienze? published by Giunti, Florence, Award of the Italian-American Association of Psychology (IAPS) as Distinguished Italian Psychologist (2017).

Since 1974 he has produced over 300 publications, including 35 books. Among the articles, many are published in international scientific Journal or volumes.